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Affordable Computing

The Nerdalize Cloud is a sustainable and affordable high-end compute platform. Because the servers are distributed over many homes you don’t have to pay for the overhead of a datacenter! This means:

  • Your cost-per-job is up to 55% lower when computing with Nerdalize
  • You compute sustainably, as the heat produced heats people’s homes

Core system benefits include:

  • Docker support: Easy integration with your existing cloud solutions and versioning
  • All instances equipped with SSDs giving you optimal I/O performance
  • Nerdalize provides up to 32 GB of RAM per CPU! (ECC)
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How We Do It

By placing high performance servers in homes Nerdalize creates highly distributed compute cloud without the overhead cost of conventional cloud and co-location solutions. This creates a triple-win where sustainable computing power becomes an affordable commodity, homes are heated for free and emissions are drastically reduced!

This structural cost advantage allows us to offer computing power that is up to 55% more affordable than major cloud-providers or co-location solutions whilst giving incredible performance.

Free Heating

The Nerdalize heater contains high-performance servers in the form of a radiator and allows for them to be placed in your home safely and secure. As Nerdalize covers the cost of electricity, the heat generated by computations, such as medical research, heat your home for free.

Together with Eneco, one of the largest energy suppliers in the Netherlands we have rolled out the first heaters with a select group of their customers under the name Eneco eRadiator. Want to heat your home with science? Sign-up below!

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