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What underlying technologies do you use to provide the computing power?

We use variety of state of the art technologies and tools to provide you with the cloud you’re looking for. We prefer to work with Docker containerization as a core technology for our cloud clients.

Who do you sell the computing power to?

We sell our computing capacity to clients from industry and academics where it can be put to good use. Uses can include, medical research video transcoding, complex engineering models and several forms of scientific computing.

How are your Heaters physically secured?

Our Heaters are secured against tampering both in software and hardware. If tampering with the device is detected it will immediately halt operations and wipe its contents. We can also remote-wipe a Nerdalize Heater if there are signs of tampering.

How do your Heaters keep data and communication safe?

Nerdalize encrypts all communication and data processed by the Heaters. This way, only the owner can get access to the data. Also, the decentralized nature of the system is a great advantage helps. Nerdalize Heaters are dispersed over many homes, so it is virtually impossible for evildoers to gain access to all these points collectively.

How often do the processors need replacing?

We can use the same processors for about 3 years before their economic lifetime is reached. Our simple design allows a service mechanic to easily replace parts to keep the heater in operation.


Will the Nerdalize Heater work during the summer?

Yes. Our Heater can expel excess heat to the outside when the homeowner does not require heating. This way we can compute at full capacity during winter and summer utilizing our hardware optimally.

Can I really heat my home for free with your Heater?

Amazingly, yes! The Heater measures how much energy it uses to heat your home and you’ll get fully reimbursed for the cost of this energy. This means that with our Heater you’re heating your home for free!

Does the Heater emit electromagnetic (EM) radiation?

Nerdalize Heaters emits no more EM-radiation than your average PC.

What happens if the Heater breaks down?

Most problems can be detected, diagnosed and solved remotely by Nerdalize. For more severe problems a service call will be necessary.

Will I remain warm when there is a shortage of demand for computing power?

Of course! The homeowner is never left cold by our Heater. If we have more computing power than we can sell we will donate our excess capacity to good ideas like cancer research, renewable energy research and climate simulation.

If the Heater loses Internet connection, will I still be able to heat my home?

Yes! Nerdalize Heater stores computational tasks locally so it can bridge short periods when it is not connected to the Internet. If those run out the Heater will perform dummy calculations to keep you warm no matter what.

How much heat does the Nerdalize Heater generate?

Currently the Nerdalize Heater can produce 1 kw. Other versions that might follow in the future.

When can I get the Nerdalize Heater in my area?

Sign up here and you will be informed once available.

What type of internet connection do I need?

Currently we work with fibre optic connections. However these requirements might change in the future.

Under what conditions can I get the Nerdalize Heater?

The conditions under which you can get a Nerdalize heater will be announced shortly before the heater becomes available in your area. Sign up here to stay in the loop.


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